Monday, August 29, 2011

the ingredient recipe of life : friendship

sorry for not having posting things on this blog since looongg time :)
I'm back !

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Tidung, lots of laugh

umm it's been a month I don't post anything.. sorry guys :D
Okay, I'm gonna tell you about my trip to Tidung Island 2 weeks ago. Maybe you ever read my post about Pramuka Island? yeah, Tidung is the one part of Thousand Island. Government succeded make all people especially Jakarta people curious about that island. My first impression about Tidung is so so. Why? because no special here, oh I forgot, ya there's a love bridge and people usually jump to. I don't know the reason is. You can snorkeling see the big coral reefs. To be honest, i just want to see "stars", orion constellations and the sound of wave actually but apparently it was cloudy there -___-" Most of all was "so so". But you know, I always travel with my best friends so i never get bored in anywhere and anytime :)
I share you the pics..