Friday, November 9, 2012

of course I'm Grateful

heyhoooo.. aahh I miss my blog so much.. quit for a loooong time from writing b'coz I have to take care a lot of things (ya.. a lot) and apparently makes me need some fresh air.. and here I am :)

Honestly, I have no time to make an artwork or photography things. My daily routine full of work and study -___- suddenly I asked to my self "when did you last make an artwork?" ummm a year ago? many ideas come when I have "me time" actually. oh.. we just have 2 months left before 2012 ends -__- and thank God in this 2012 I realized I had much time to travel :)) and I got my special one 'My R' :)
Sometimes our plan not running properly, we did so hard and still believe "this can be goin' well" but God think "don't be so rush, think again" so, okay I have to pause for a while. I've been thinking a lot for my near future, should I end this? or just give me a break to think and think again? and my plan to do some project with my best friend Rara need much time, strategy, and focus. But I have to believe, I already walked far in this road, so I won't stop :) I am grateful for everything God gives me in my life and everything will be alright.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Do You Know Pari Island?

Pari Island? hmm.. sounds outlandish.. where is it?
I didn't know Pari Island before my friend Nando published on BBM update, Pari Island located in Thousand Island, Jakarta by the way :) it tooks 2 hours from Muara Angke. I spent 350K IDR all in 2D1N hopping island, snorkeling, etc :) Pari Island has Virgin Beach :)) the locals made it. if you only have 2 days free, just go there :)

Friday, June 29, 2012

Ho Chi Minh, Mui Ne

aaaahhhhh it's been umm 3 months since may last posted -___-
Hellooo world :)
on February I took trip to Vietnam, finally hehe :D In this post I won't talk about price details how to get there. because many posts already told about the price. I spent 4 days 3 nights with best friends rara and mba titik and best aunty, oh wait.. all woman? yes, and that was the first time. And one thing I can say about Ho Chi Minh is motorcycle city because there are a lot lot of motorcycle there, you have to be very very careful when across the street. I stayed at Pham Ngu Lao street which is backpackers area with many travels offer around there, it's so easy when you want to take Cu Chi Tunnel tour, Ho Chi Minh one day trip, Mekong Delta one day trip, etc. Anyone here likes coffee? You should try vietnam coffee! is a must! the taste was so great! For you who a shopaholic, you can go to Ben Thanh market, only 10 15 minutes walk from Pham Ngu Lao.. so many woman stuff there.

 rara and mba titik bought some clothes in a store next to our hotel

oh, you have to try Pho noodle, a traditional food from Vietnam, I'm addicted to this food!! unfortunately I didn't take the pic -__-
 source here

try the Pho Noodles in Pho 2000 Restaurant next to Ben Thanh market, they said Bill Clinton was there :D

Then we visited Notre Dame Cathedral, Reunification Palace formerly known as Independence Palace, Post Office, War Remnants Museum. check this out :)
 reunification palace
 the notre dame cathedral
post office
 war remnants museum

we also took Cu Chi Tunnels tour, Cu Chi tunnels were the location of several military campaigns during the Vietnam war and were the Viet Cong's base of operations for the Tet Offensive in 1968.

not only Ho Chi Minh, we also visited Mui Ne, a coastal resort town in the Bin Thuan Province of  southeastern Vietnam. There are many great view, you will envy see my pic :p
white sand dunes
red sand dunes
fishing village
fairy stream

how's that? beautiful isn't it? :D wait for my next journey yaa :P

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

I love to live

again.. me and best friends had a great day to took photos in Museum of Memorial Stone Park known as Taman Prasasti Museum which located Jalan Tanah Abang No. 1, Jakarta Pusat. The museum was formerly a cemetery, built by the Dutch colonial government in 1795 as a final resting place for Dutchmen. Several important person was buried in the cemetery area are Olivie Mariamne Raffles, the first wife of British governor general Thomas Stamford Raffles, and Indonesian youth activist Soe Hok Gie. You should pay IDR 2000 for the entrance ticket. We decided took a desperate theme :)) Check this out

* pic no 1 taken with Nikon D60, photographer by Dheny Firmansyah , edited by me
* pic no 2,3,4,5 taken with Canon EOS Kiss X4, photographer by Nando Tampubolon , edited by me
and behind the scene :D
and I miss you so much guys!!

Monday, March 12, 2012

flipped star

"never plan that one day I'd be losing you"
The one that got away - Katy Perry

Friday, January 6, 2012

rain drops

Monday, January 2, 2012

Phuket with no words

I wanna tell you about my trip which on 25th - 28th of September 2011, sorry I keep it too long, because am not in a good mood or you can called lazy :P
I was in Phuket with my friends "Bolangers" 4 days 3 night. We went there in backpacker way, and you know what, we booked the Air Asia ticket flight about 1 year ago when there was a Big Sale, so we decided booked for Phuket. Actually there were 15 person who join but because some reason 5 person did not join with us :(
We stayed at Patong because there's a center of tourist.
Phuket famous with the Phi-Phi Island if you ever watched 'The Beach' played by Leonardo Dicaprio. You have to pay 700 baht/person (you have to bargain) which is pick up from hotel, boat, snorkeling in Monkey Beach, lunch and back to the hotel (one around trip). Unfortunately, the weather wasn't good,got hard raining everyday and I got  seasick anyway so i did not snorkeling, just took photos and saw how beauty the Phi Phi is. Beside Phi-Phi you can visit James Bond Island, i didn't took that trip because our budget wasn't enough :P
Next, one place like Khaosan Road if you ever been going to Bangkok is Bangla Road. You have to go there, is a must. you will watch a night life there. I wont speak too much, here's the pic

 swimming pool at hotel

at  Jungceylon Mall, Patong
inside Jungceylon Mall

in front of Hard Rock Cafe
the harbour (forget the name :p)

Monkey Island
 Patong Beach

 at Phi-Phi Island

wait for the next trip yaa, next month Insya Allah :)

The New Year

Happy New Year guyyysss... so happy to see you again :P
so, how's your new year's eve? mine, happy.. I celebrate with my friends, they came to my house, we did barbeque but sorry I can't give you the pic coz I haven't accepted yet from them :D
2011 was a year of learning, new experiences, stressful, love life and many more :) but 2011 was a very very great year. So, enjoy the 2012 ^^,

by the way, I always make a wishlist for what to do in the next year, and my wishlist that I achieved on 2011 are:
- gain my weight (my favorite)
- traveling to phuket
- have a camera

and what my wishlist on 2012? you can see on the right toolbar :D