Friday, November 9, 2012

of course I'm Grateful

heyhoooo.. aahh I miss my blog so much.. quit for a loooong time from writing b'coz I have to take care a lot of things (ya.. a lot) and apparently makes me need some fresh air.. and here I am :)

Honestly, I have no time to make an artwork or photography things. My daily routine full of work and study -___- suddenly I asked to my self "when did you last make an artwork?" ummm a year ago? many ideas come when I have "me time" actually. oh.. we just have 2 months left before 2012 ends -__- and thank God in this 2012 I realized I had much time to travel :)) and I got my special one 'My R' :)
Sometimes our plan not running properly, we did so hard and still believe "this can be goin' well" but God think "don't be so rush, think again" so, okay I have to pause for a while. I've been thinking a lot for my near future, should I end this? or just give me a break to think and think again? and my plan to do some project with my best friend Rara need much time, strategy, and focus. But I have to believe, I already walked far in this road, so I won't stop :) I am grateful for everything God gives me in my life and everything will be alright.

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