Friday, June 14, 2013

I wish I Could

Recently, I moved to another company, same line and area (I just moved 1 floor :p) but now more busy  than before and I spent my time only for work, work and work even my bf almost abandoned and my thesis revision already abandoned :( honestly I love my work, meet other people, knowing their characters. And ya, I have no time for other things include “me time”. As I said before, im having a project with my best mate rara and mba titik but little bit pause b'coz something else. I am unorganized person, I am not familiar with “to do list” and schedule what I’m gonna do today, the next day. I do what I want at that time. And for sure, my hobby which is traveling is no longer active :( b'coz of my work. Me, rara and mba titik thinking hardly how we can do our work as we want and travel as many as we can. InsyaAllah next week I’m going to Harapan Island ^^ hopefully can refresh my mood. In the middle of working I made an artwork! Yay!