Monday, January 2, 2012

The New Year

Happy New Year guyyysss... so happy to see you again :P
so, how's your new year's eve? mine, happy.. I celebrate with my friends, they came to my house, we did barbeque but sorry I can't give you the pic coz I haven't accepted yet from them :D
2011 was a year of learning, new experiences, stressful, love life and many more :) but 2011 was a very very great year. So, enjoy the 2012 ^^,

by the way, I always make a wishlist for what to do in the next year, and my wishlist that I achieved on 2011 are:
- gain my weight (my favorite)
- traveling to phuket
- have a camera

and what my wishlist on 2012? you can see on the right toolbar :D

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