Thursday, February 11, 2010

my dream :)

everybody has a dream.. a different dream, maybe some people wants to get rich, wants to be famous, anything you want.. of course it makes you happy..
me?? i want visit all the beach in my country (Indonesia).. many beauty beach!!! ahhh i cant waittt
i love beach even i cant swim :P
the sea, blue skies, sun, white sand.. umm a wonderful atmosphere that you rarely got..
here, it is alor beach.. in Alor island located at the eastern-most end of the Lesser Sunda Islands that runs through southern Indonesia, which from the west include such islands as Bali, Sumba,Lombok,Komodo and Flores,you can found flower stone here, actually the floral stone.. beautiful isn't it?

this one is Senggigi beach, located at Lombok Island

and Bosnik Beach,located at Papua Islands

Mali beach at Alor Islands

okay lets move on the east of Indonesia, Tanjung Tinggi Beach at Belitung Islands

and this one too Lengkuas Beach still at Belitung Islands, this beach can only found when the sea receded..
wow, what a wonderful beach.. i should go there before i get married :D
who wants join with me???

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