Saturday, June 26, 2010

How lucky I am

hoaamm i'm sleepy because of rain and i only slept about 3 hours and went to my friend's "kost"
he teached me about design again :D.. hihi thanks by the way

okay enough..

yay i won 3 quiz in a week!! its sooo damn good!! hahaha
first, i won "Bye-bye Stress from Air Asia", i got ticket to anywhere (Air Asia rute) and i choose BANGKOK

second, i won voucher VNC IDR 200.000 from Anlene

and last, i won twitter trivia quiz from imaginaction, i got Camera Case Lowepro Adventura 120

so amazed for me :D hemm seems like i'll join the other quiz! suprise me!


  1. wkwkwkwwk,,,samaan lagi dapet hadiahnya apan aja >,<

  2. i won "Bye-bye Stress from Air Asia" too, number 7th its my name :D