Sunday, December 12, 2010

Pramuka Island, I saw the Orion constellation

in the middle of making my assignment, im still remember this blog.. hahaha
okay this post is about traveling again :p but i just take 2 days to did this trip. one of my friends risma, she had a birthday so she invited us to celebrate her birthday in Pramuka Island which is part of "Thousand Islands" known as Kepulauan Seribu. Thousand Islands is the only regency of Jakarta, Indonesia. A string of 105 islands stretching 45 kilometres north into the Java Sea, with the closest lying in Jakarta Bay only a few kilometres off mainland Jakarta. (source here). First, we went to Muara Angke (which is s fish market) at 7am, get a boat to cross and that the last time you can get at that day because over 7 am is no more boat.. yeah you should come earlier.. Oh gosh, we almost left out, we paid IDR 30.000/person for the ticket boat one way. it takes 2-3 hours to go there and we took much photo on the boat ehehehehe..

we stayed at home named home stay azim that we had booked before, it can be used for 20 people, there are 4 bedrooms, 2 toilets, kitchen, living room, tv, AC. and one more important thing is we can see the beautiful sea directly from living room ^^
next,we had to cleaned the pomfret fish and tuna that we bought before for dinner

then we lunch and ready for snorkeling.. we rent tool for snorkeling IDR 30.000/person and the boat IDR 40.000/person. after 20 minutes go along crossed the sea,we got to Semak Daun island to practiced for snorkeling, and you know what? we didn't even practice but we took much photo again and jumped to the water to get a good pose hahaha

okay enough in Semak Daun, then time for snorkeling
by chance, the weather was cloudy so we couldn't take more places and decided to go back. time showed at 5pm, okay we're so starved and before take a bath we looked for stall, tips for you bring a lot of foods when you get there. after we washed, we prepared the fish that we cleaned before,and time to grilled it ^^
so yummy

we took a photo again to celebrate risma's birthday

at 11pm, we sit on coral stone, listened musics, talked some jokes, and rara told us "look orion constellation!" fiinally i saw the orion constellation so clearly.. yeah, because there's no light pollution..  and one of my dreams come true.. stared stars at the seashore :) i'm really felt very very peaceful and happy :)
source here
in the morning,we've planned to see sunrise but fail! hahaha okay maybe next time :p
okay, prepared for go back to Jakarta.. the boat came at 1 pm.. so we just talked some jokes.. so fun!
hemm time was over.. bye Pramuka Island.. i'm gonna miss this trip.. for sure..
oh ya if you want more details information about thousand island.. im ready to help you guys.. just mail me okay ^^

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  1. In north calif. tonight saw orion its beautiful the upper left star is red?a dying star soon?I think its the most recognized constillation of all.