Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I did it!

today, rara told me she didnt work.. so i asked her went to starbucks and we took some pictures.. and oh, at home she asked me
rara : "i think your thigh is getting bigger"
me : "yep you rite"
rara : "welcome to the club"
so, i just realized am getting fat month by month and day by day.. so happy then ^^, as you can see i make the comparison..
*the left picture taken on December, the right taken today

see?? my weight go up to 8 kilos.. i still try to gain again about 5 kilos :p FYI this is one of my obsession since i was in high school.. most people who meet me said "you're soo thin" and that statement makes me really really eerrrrgghhh... i dont mean to not be grateful for what i had, but try being healthy and fresh is the way am grateful to my body.. :)

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