Saturday, June 4, 2011

Love Jogja

huaaaa it's been a long long time.. as usual, i love traveling and holiday so last month i visited Yogyakarta, we took an economy train at 12 pm o'clock (FYI that was the first time i took economy). Many seller who passed through around us, oh God i cant sleep on that trip but i'm so excited guys because it feels i'm the one of 'backpacker' :p you know i only have 2 days in Jogja, yeah because on monday i have to work again :( so i just pick 2 destinations, Borobudur temple and Ngrenehan Beach.
Okay let me explain about Yogyakarta / Jogjakarta also called Jogja is a city in the Yogyakarta Special Region, Indonesia. It is renowned as a centre of classical Javanese fine art and culture such as batik, ballet, drama, music, poetry, and puppet shows. *source here
We arrived at 10 pm o'clock and looked for hotel near Malioboro, centre of Jogja and got price IDR 100.000 for one night.
first destination was Borobudur Temple, it takes 1,5 hours  from Malioboro.
entrance ticket is IDR 23.000 for domestic tourist, before we entered area of Borobudur we are required to wear "sarung batik"  and it's free but you have to give it back when you leave borobudur :p

this is Borobudur temple, many stairs to go up there -___-

when we went to hotel, we passed paddy field and decided to stop by, and we took much photos heheh
 and this is how cool we are LOL

in the night me and rara (the others continue to Karimun Jawa,so envy guys -___-) prepared for packing because we didnt have much time and had to airport at 11 am. in the night, we looked for something to eat, we found 'ronde' made from glutinous rice flour combine with hot ginger water, peanuts, bread and kolang kaling. it's like a dessert.

okay, next destination we went "ngrenehan beach" around 3 am -___- and arrived at 7 am. As you see the view was awesome, that beach makes we want to swim!! but we cant, it's forbidden because of billow. In the South of Java, the beaches known with the billow.
Ngerenehan beach is located Kanigoro village, sub-district of Saptosari 30 km in the South of Wonosari City, Gunung Kidul.  Gunung Kidul has 13 beaches (if im not mistaken) that you can visit and Ngrenehan is one of them.
how do you think? what a great holiday isn't it? eheheheh so wait me for the next journey yaa ^^,

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